Friday, September 27, 2013

OJ Simpson gets in trouble for stealing from prison's cookie jar

OJ simpson is in trouble (thank God it's not so serious) for stealing from the prison's cookie jar . According to the national enquirer, Simpson is a cookie thief and he was caught red handed by the prison guards. The former football star is currently serving a 33-year sentence for armed robbery at the lovelock correctional centre in Nevada.

He was caught recently as the guards noticed the athlete looking a bit lumpy underneath his prison clothes. He also seemed to have something to hide.
That something turned out to be about a dozen oatmeal biscuits.

The insider revealed, "O.J. has been trying to diet since the
doctors talked to him, but he loves sweets, and after a few
weeks he couldn't take it anymore."
The whole incident went down with a few laughs, though.

"Everyone thought he had smuggled in a cell phone or some other
kind of contraband, so when the guard started pulling cookies out
of O.J.'s shirt, the other inmates started laughing so hard they
nearly fell over," the source explained. "O.J. just stood there with
a goofy grin on his face as the guard kept digging inside his shirt
and throwing the cookies on the floor."
Luckily for the former NFL player, the guards took a softer
approach to the infraction.
The source said, "The guard told O.J. that he could be written up
for cookies, but let him go with a warning not to let it happen
Simpson kept in shape even after he retired, but his weight has
crept up on him in prison. He's reportedly up to 300 pounds and
is suffering from high blood pressure in addition to his diabetes

It seems that the fallen sports star finds "the only enjoyment he
has left in his life is eating his favorite foods."
The source concluded, "To tell the truth, he really doesn't care
what happens to him anymore."
The armed robbery charge is only one of his legal troubles. In
1995, he was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown
Simpson and her alleged boyfriend Ron Goldman. He began his
current sentence in 2008.