Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kano Bomb Blast Survivors Narrate Ordeal “The Bombers Attacked Us At Sabon Gari”

Few of the people who survived the multiplebomb blaststhat hitKanoon Monday night recounted their experiences on Tuesday morning.
One of them, Mr. Emeka Mba, a member of staff of the transport company, Young Shall Grow Motors, who survived the blast with multiple wounds, recounted his sad experience to reporters.
He said, "I was with some of my friends along Ibo Road, when all of asudden, I heard a loud sound and I saw people running. I just woke up to see myself in this hospital. Those who did this must be punished."
Another victim, Mr. Emmanuel Ani, a bar attendant in one of the drinking shops, said, "As I am talking to you, I cannot explain what really happened.
"What I presently remember is that I was about giving a customer a plate of Isi-ewu (goat head) and suddenly, I heard a loud sound and everything went blank."
At Abdullahi Wase Specialist Hospital, a survivor, Mr. Alade Ezekiel, 47, a printer, told newsmen that he went to Sabon Gari to eat when the incident occurred.
He said,"At about 9pm, I went to Sabon Gari to eat when the bomb blast happened. I heard a loud sound and I felt a sharp pain here (pointing to his left hand). A sharp object pierced through my left hand and leg; I saw blood all over. I managed to escape when a militarypatrol team saw that some of us were alive and they brought us here."
[Culled FromPUNCH Metro]