Thursday, July 18, 2013

I have the best figure in nollywood-crystal okoye

Crystal okoye is a nollywood actress with a rising profile,barely a year in the industry, the twenty something actress has featured in 18 movies with more than 5 as the leading actress. In this chat with the weekend grove, the newest sensation in nollywood as she is known shares her experience and what makes her tick.
Here is the chat:

How did you get into Nollywood?

My journey into Nollywood was as a result of childhood fantasy that turned into a burning desire. Ever since I was a child I have always beenobsessed with acting. My first love was developed through watching the Cartoon Network. Just seeing the various characters going through their acts awaken the love in me. Then, I would mimic whatever they do and by so doing, I became obsessed with acting. Seeing my passion, my family then encouraged me to build the passion into reality.
Later I began to sharpen my skills as an actor by using my mirror to master various mannerisms and acts, using my siblings as collaborators. Little by little, things began to fall into place and here I am living my dream.

Since you had the dream as a child, why didn't you start as a child?

See, in my house, education comes first. My family believes in education so much they would not allow you to do any thing until you have had a good education. I started pursuing the dream of acting after I have secured an admission into the university. I am currently in my 300 level, studying Public Administration in the University of Nnamdi
Azikwe, Anambra State.

When did you actually start acting and how has the journey been for you?

I started acting last year January and since then I have done 18 films. Though the one I am about to start will be my 18th film and I still have three other scripts waiting for me after I finish the next one. I will not say the journey has been easy, I have God and a friend to thank for my fast growth in the industry.
Like in every industry, there are challenges and one of the biggest challenges in the movie industry is sexual harassment. It is almost impossible not to encounter it at one point or another as an upcoming artiste. But I thank God I have met the right people who have steered me in the right direction. Sexual harassment is always there but it all depends on you, whether to play or not to play.

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