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I FIND Davido HOT… I would do it again” – Kenyan vixen gives explicit details of sex romp with artiste

Davido is embroiled in another scandal, this time its
a Kenyan model/video vixen simply known as Pendo making
unverifed claims about how the Gobe crooner gave her his
'ALL' after performing at Kenyan 2013 Boombaataa Festival
alongside Ice Prince Zamani .
According to media reports from Standard Media Kenya, the
popular model stated her intention on meeting Davido personally
prior before the event in which Davido replied "Who the hell is
Pendo…I don't give a damn who she is. I am not interested". She
claimed to have been introduced to Davido by one of his HKN
team-mate and was given his hotel room key to await his
arrival, she went further to give a vivid description of their
This is not the first time Davido is linked to such a scandal,
months ago, photos surfaced online of bedroom pictures of
the artiste in bed with a female fan.
Below is the interview between Ghafla and Pendo

So what is all this wahala about Davido blocking you
off of his facebook?

Pendo : If people had done even a
little research, they would Davido does not even have a
Facebook account. I NEVER said I was in touch with him through
Facebook. I got in touch with him through a good friend of his
*redacted* and that's where everything started. He did the

So, seriously, did you sleep with Davido? Pendo:
Errrrrrrrrrrm (laughs cheekily) (There is IRREFUTABLE proof
that Pendo did spend the night with Nigerian superstar, if you
want to see it plead with her on twitter @LoveStaicey to
release it.) In the meantime, have this picture of Davido,
topless, in his hotel room from his personal instagram. Maybe
Pendo took it #troll

So why did you do this? Do you do this for money?

Pendo : (Laughs) No, I didn't get money from him. I didn't WANT
money from him. I did it simply cuz I find him hot and he is pretty
legit in the music industry in Africa. Yeah, I am attracted by his
talent, his fame, his power, but honestly, who isn't? And
people are talking so much because a lot of women wanted to
be in my shoes, but were not. I'm not afraid to go after what I
want. That's just me. And I am unapologetic for it. I am content
that I got what I wanted -which was to know him- and I guess
it just naturally progressed from there…
So was this a one time thing then? Pendo: No, I would
do it again. Gladly. I don't regret it at all.

Of course you know now I am gonna ask about the
"D". Free reign, choose your own words to describe

Pendo : He was perfect.
Nooooooooo, more than that. DESCRIPTION. Pendo:
(Laughing) Ok, ok. Errrrrrrrrrrm, he is much better than your
"average Kenyan". He is big. Both length and width. (Giggles)
And best part is he REALLY knows what he is working with.
Haha, so you loved ALL OF HIM. (SN: Hehe, see what I
did there?) Pendo : (Giggles) Ha, you won't let this go will
you. Haha, no seriously though, he has CRAZY moves, he kept
it fresh for a couple hours. I am impressed. Definitely the best…
(hesitates) Ok maybe not the best I ever had, but he is up

So was this a one night stand or will you be seeing
him again?

Pendo : Davido is not only a good lover but a
gentleman. Not only did he not publicise the affair, but he left
me with some personal mementos to remember him. I don't think
a one night stand does that. Plus there is still communication
going on. I'm not saying we are dating, but we are definitely still
talking. He did not "hit it and quit it".

OJ Simpson granted parole on some charges but to remain in prison

Last week O.J. Simpson, 66, went before the Nevada Parole Board seeking an early release from prison on his 2008 kidnapping and robbery conviction. The retired American football player was sentenced to up to 33 years in prison for forcibly retrieving personal items from a sports memorabilia dealer, items O.J. said had been stolen from him.
O.J. told the parole panel he regretted going to the hotel that night, explaining, "I just wish I never went to that room. I wish I just said keep it."
OJ was granted parole, but he will remain in prison. According to reports, OJ Simpson was granted parole on some charges but not on others and must serve at least 4 more years of his 33 year sentence

Beverly tells Angelo she loves him&asks if he can marry a girl like her

Nigerian rep Beverly Osu told her South African love interest Angelo that she's in love with him
"I try to deny that I love you because I'm thinking it's too early to love you when I don't know how you are in the outside world," Beverly said to AngeloAngelo replied: "To be honest, I'm also kind of scared of knowing you on the outside"
Beverly to Angelo - after telling him she's told him everything there is to know about her, including how she used to sleep with men for money to help her family and how she once had an abortion
"Can you marry a person like me?"
Angelo replied "Yes, but would you marry someone like me?" Beverlysaid yes, that she loves him

D'prince releases new promo pictures

Pastor Deceives Flock To Perfom Oral Sex On Him And Drink His "Holy Milk"!

A Brazilian Evangelical Pastor, Valdeci Sobrino Picanto has been arrested after deceiving the faithful using the name of the "Holy Spirit", by saying foolish lies. He said his penis was blessed and that"the Lord had consecrated him with divine milk of the ''Holy Spirit" and, of course, he had to release it in order to "evangelize". "He hasconvinced us that only God could come into our lives through our mouth and that's why he would do what he did". Often, after worship, pastor Valdeci would take us to where the funds were kept at the back of the Church and asked us to have Oral sex with him until the Holy Spirit would come through ejaculation". This is the testimony of one of his victims.

This Girl Posted Her Pic On Facebook and Her Boyfriend Broke Up With Her

This babe says she's suffering because of this photo she posted on facebook without the consent of her lovely boyfriend, who she said has broke up with her for showing the whole world her "oranges". She wants her guy back but don't know how to go about it. See what she wrote about her love crisis below: "I use to think one of the reasons why my bf loved me was the fact that i liked photographs more than anything, to the extent i went ahead and bought a very expensive camera. In my many charades of snapping myself i discovered i liked this particular one very much and i wanted my friends to see and probably comment on it so i decided to drop it on facebook only to eventually end up with a breakup. Please you have to help me cos i love him so much." But,if there is love, is that photo enough to cause a break up?

Wande Coal drops new single 'kilaju'

Mavin crew act Wande Coal is back with a power single KILAJU produced by Starboy music producer Maleek Berry.

Lagos govt denies deporting Anambra State indigenes

Lagos State Government, yesterday, debunked allegation that it deported 67 indigenes of Anambra State, saying what happened was that the state government did rehabilitation and resettlement of citizens from other states.
It equally assured residents of adequate security of life and property in the wake of the recent arrest of some Boko Haram suspects in the state.
Briefing after the weekly security meeting chaired by Governor Babatunde Fashola, state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Umar Manko, said the state government only resettled the 67 Anambra indigenes.
According to him: "What happened was that the state government did rehabilitation and resettlement of the citizens from other states. These were those who came into the state and turned into destitute.
"After the state government realised this, it embarked on a reform mission. After that, they indicated that they would be happy to go back to their home-towns and be resettled. That was what happened. There wasn't any deportation as claimed."
Similarly, Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, has berated critics of Lagos State Government over the controverial deportation, saying no sane government will be blackmailed into allowing homeless individuals to inflict security and environmental problems to its state just to please those that readily play lousy and retrogressive politics with issues for selfish and ulterior interests.

In a statement by its state Publicity Secretary, Joe Igbokwe, the party said it was irked by the decision of "some professional chance takers and political opportunists to take advantage of the recent movement of some indigent, homeless and social miscreants to Onitsha for the purpose of re-connecting with their families when they have no tangible business in Lagos.
"We expect that the opposition in Lagos and its array of frustrated politicians will certainly seek to play politics with the decision of the Lagos State government to move some people that have no tangible business staying in Lagos to their home states.
"We expected that the professional ethnic agitators who have wasted public offices in Igboland, pillaging resources that would have served the interests of the people are now cashing further from the plights of their vicious approach to governance on this issue.
"It is a shame to the opposition that it is seeking cheap political capital from the plight of the hapless victims of its free loading approach to governance and has drawn the support of ethnic irredentists whose failure on governance left the Igbo people so poor that they have become homeless refugees in Lagos and other parts of the country."
"To put the records straight, the Lagos State government, with its commitment to the interests of Lagosians and in its effort to build a functional modern mega city, had long embarked on the decision to pickup the many derelicts, the homeless, beggars and social miscreants that inhabit all parts of Lagos, clean them up, find means of livelihood for those that are employable and send those it cannot manage to their respective states.
"We are all aware that this scheme has seen the practical reduction in the number of the beggars, street urchins and social miscreants that used to constitute real danger to life in Lagos and has seen such people moved back to various states, mainly in the North.
"We should note also that other states in the South, including South West states have received such people and the Lagos State Government has been careful to ensure that the number of people involved in such periodic movements are minimal and are only people who do not have where to stay in Lagos, who don't have any real engagement in Lagos and who constitute nuisance to other Lagosians."

How police recovered 8-month-old baby sold by grandma

It was an emotional-filled atmosphere, yesterday, as Plateau State Police Commissioner, Mr. Chris Olakpe, narrated how an eight-month-old baby was turned into a commodity, sold and re-sold by different buyers.
Parading the suspects at the state police headquarters, Olakpe said grandmother of the baby, Kate Anwacha, first allegedly sold her to Eucharia Anyeagbu for N200,000. Eucharia allegedly added her own profit margin and re-sold the baby to Rita Madubuko for N330,000.
The second buyer eventually allegedly sold the baby for N500,000 to one Grace Nnadozie from whom the baby was eventually "recovered" by the police in Awka, Anambra State.
According to the commissioner, the mother of the baby, Blessing Godspower, had lodged a complaint that her mother (Kate Anwacha) sent her on an errand and sold her baby, Chiamaka Obinna, before she returned.
He added that police detectives from 'A' Division, Jos recovered the baby from the last buyer in Anambra State last week.
According to the CP, the suspects would be charged to court as soon as investigations were concluded.

Selena Gomez dethrones jay-z on billboard 200 chart

It's been a good month for Selena Gomez.
Following her 21st birthday, the songstress has set a career record by collecting her first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200chart. Her latest record, Stars Dance, has sold over 97,000 copies in the first week, knocking out Jay Z 's Magna Carta Holy Grailfrom the top spot.
Previously, Gomez's single, " Come & Get It," reached No. 1 on the Top 40 radio charts -- and the former Disney starlet got pretty teary-eyed about it.

In an emotional video she uploaded onto YouTube, Selena Gomez is seen breaking down when she learns the big news.
" I've done four records and this is the first number one that I've ever had, so I can not thank you guys enough. I wanna thank every radio station, my label, and the most important of all is my fans for loving the song, for requesting it. It means so much to me," she says

DJ Khaled's proposal to Nicki Minaj was a publicity stunt after all

The marriage proposal was just a publicity stunt to promote a new single, I Wanna Be With You, off DJ Khaled's upcoming album.

Kano Bomb Blast Survivors Narrate Ordeal “The Bombers Attacked Us At Sabon Gari”

Few of the people who survived the multiplebomb blaststhat hitKanoon Monday night recounted their experiences on Tuesday morning.
One of them, Mr. Emeka Mba, a member of staff of the transport company, Young Shall Grow Motors, who survived the blast with multiple wounds, recounted his sad experience to reporters.
He said, "I was with some of my friends along Ibo Road, when all of asudden, I heard a loud sound and I saw people running. I just woke up to see myself in this hospital. Those who did this must be punished."
Another victim, Mr. Emmanuel Ani, a bar attendant in one of the drinking shops, said, "As I am talking to you, I cannot explain what really happened.
"What I presently remember is that I was about giving a customer a plate of Isi-ewu (goat head) and suddenly, I heard a loud sound and everything went blank."
At Abdullahi Wase Specialist Hospital, a survivor, Mr. Alade Ezekiel, 47, a printer, told newsmen that he went to Sabon Gari to eat when the incident occurred.
He said,"At about 9pm, I went to Sabon Gari to eat when the bomb blast happened. I heard a loud sound and I felt a sharp pain here (pointing to his left hand). A sharp object pierced through my left hand and leg; I saw blood all over. I managed to escape when a militarypatrol team saw that some of us were alive and they brought us here."
[Culled FromPUNCH Metro]

"I must be with a man for 5years before I marry him'- Eniola Badmus

When asked about her marriage plans in an interview with Encomiummag, actress Eniola Badmus said she must date a guy for at least five years before she will consider marrying him. Eniola said:
"What is the point if I marry today and tomorrow it's over? What's the essence? I am living my life. I will have a baby when necessary. Marriage is good but what's the essence of me getting married today and tomorrow I'm not in it? For any man I am going to marry or call my husband we should be together for five years before we walk down the aisle. We may have children but at least after five years I will know that you're ready for me. Not getting married today, and tomorrow he's out! I've seen it happen to my friends, I don't want to go through that trauma

Mother gives birth to a girl weighing 13lb4oz without a C-section

A baby weighing almost a stone and measuring 22.6 inches long has been born in Germany.
Baby Jasleen arrived on July 26 and weighed a massive 13.47 pounds. Babies her size are usually born via a caesarean section, she was born naturally. The mother gave birth at University Hospitalin Leipzig and discovered she had a previously undiagnosed case of gestational diabetes, German newspaper Der Spiegel reports.
This condition, which develops at around the 24th week of pregnancy, can lead to a larger than usual baby size. Although both mother and daughter are doing well, Jasleen remains in the neonatal care unit. She is now officially the largest new-born in Germany. (UK Daily Mail)

Pastor David Adeoye Speaks On Sunmbo Ajaba; Why He Married 2face Idibia’s Baby Mama

The founder and the GO of Royal Christian Centre in Ikeja Lagos,Pastor David Adeoyewhomarriedone of the former girlfriends of African queen croonerTuface Idibiahas revealed to family and close friends on why hemarriedher.
Last week Monday, the 22nd of July, 2013, Pastor Adeoye officially tied the knot withAdesunmbo Ajabain Lagos with family and few church members in attendance.
As earlier reported,Sumbo Ajabais a committed member of the Royal Christian Centre. She is a leader in the music ministry.
Pastor Adeoye said he married the beautiful mother of two because she completes him.
He vowed to stay with her till the end of age.
Check out an excerpt from his wedding vow below;
"I love this woman. With this woman there's no dull moment. She makes me complete. When you lose something and you regain it from somewhere else, you should know how it feels. She's the love of my life I will forever be there for you"
Mrs Folake Adeoye, the former wife of the Man of God died in November 2011 after a brief illness.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Music video director Aswad Ayinde jailed 90 yrs for fathering 6 kids with his own daughters

Music video director Aswad Ayinde, 55, who won an MTV award for directing The Fugees' 'Killing Me Softly' in 1996,has been sentenced to 90 years in prison for repeatedly raping his six daughters and fathering six children with them.
Aswad Ayinde is accused of raping his daughters tocreate a"pure" bloodline, fathered six kids with them from the mid-1980s to 2002 - and delivered the babies himself, the court heard during his trial last Friday
"He said the world was going to end, and it was just going to be him and his offspring and that he was chosen," his ex-wife, Beverly Ayinde testified at a pre-trial hearing.
Prosecutors said Ayinde kept the kids from blabbing about the rape by beating themand isolating them from other children. All his daughters were home schooled.
"I was afraid to ever accuse him of being demented or beinga pedophile," Beverly Ayinde, who had 9 children with him told the court. "I knew the word, but I wouldn't dare use it because it would result in a beating."
Prosecutors revealed that Mr. Ayinde began having sex with his second daughter from the time she eight-years-old, impregnating her four times. He faces three more trials over the alleged assaults.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Angry faces of stella Damasus

These are screen captures from Nollywood actressStella Damasus's protestvideoof the controversial child bride bill in Nigeria uploaded on YouTube last week.
The alleged husband snatcher took to YouTube few days ago to voice her frustration over the viralchild marriageissue.
Though the actress tried to show her opposition to the bill, critics claim she is not morally justified to voice her opinion since she just snatched her colleague's husband, Daniel Ademinokan.

Obasanjo Opens 125 Acres Farmland In Liberia, Creates 30,000 Jobs For Liberians

Former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo has expanded his farming business into the country of Liberia.
Also known asObasanjo Farms, the 125 acre farm was officially opened today at Gbah Foboi, Grand Cape Mount County, in Liberia.
Dr Florence Chenoweth, Liberia's Minister of Agriculture, who performed the dedication ceremony said that the farm would create about 30,000 job opportunities for the citizens.
She noted that the Liberian government has focused on the agriculture sector in its efforts to create jobs for the people.
She, however, urged legislators, chiefs and superintendents from Cape Mount County to advise youths in the area to seize the opportunities presented by the new farm to become productive, while ensuring the area's development.
Chenoweth stressed that the establishment of Obasanjo Farms would help in addressing one the salient aspects of the government'sefforts to ensure food security.
She noted that more than 40 per cent of Liberian children had stunted growth, stressing the need to solve the problem by fast-tracking the production of eggs and poultry in Liberia.
"We need to produce proteins either in beans or meat, which the cattle, goat and piggery produce, in Liberia, so as to ensure balance diets for our people's nutrition," she said.
Earlier, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf described President Olusegun Obasanjo as a visionary leader who was responsive to the needs of the people in critical areas.
She commended Obasanjo for his constant support for Liberia and for having faith in the future of the country.
Also speaking, Mr Daniel Atsu, the Group Managing Director of Obasanjo Holdings Limited, said that the farm was set up in anticipation of the adverse effects of global warming and climate change on poultry production in tropical Africa.
He stressed that such anticipation informed the decision of Obasanjoto develop African poultry breeds which could thrive in hot and humidenvironment.
Atsu said that the farm had six standard poultry houses, adding thattwo of them were for breeding young chicks, while the remaining four were equipped with three-tier automated layer cages.
He said that the first and second batches of about 10,000 layers had started laying eggs.
He said that the layer houses would soon be increased to 16, a capacity which would produce about 15,000 farm fresh eggs daily.
Atsu said that the farm would offer unlimited opportunities to farmers to grow corn, soybeans or supply dried or smoked fish in large quantities, saying that the farm was situated on 125 acres of land.
[Culled fromPM NewsLagos]

Holy Bible Untouched By Fire Recovered From Ashes Of Burnt Accident Car In Abuja

There was a phenomenal miracle in Abuja as a Bible was picked up untouched after a car burnt down to ashes.
Jeremiah Giwa, who arrived in Nigeria from the United Kingdom five months ago, was the driver of the car. He had gone to the UK for his tertiary education. Before the car burst into flames, it swerved off the road, tumbled and eventually landed in a ditch. Jeremiah Giwa survived to tell the grim story:
"My younger brother, Joshua and I were going to pick our parents and elder brother from the airport, so we had an accident on the way at the road before Galadimawa. We were coming from our home in the Games Village. The car was very fine and it hadn't developed any fault before. That morning, it was raining and the car began to swerve off the road. I tried to bring the car back on the road but thebreak was not holding anymore.
"I tried ceaselessly and I later lost control of the car. The car eventually tumbled twice after moving zigzag on the road and landed in a ditch. I have been driving close to five years and I was very okay when I drove the car. When it happened, we immediately unhooked our seat-belts; I talked to my brother for a few seconds to ensure he was okay. We unhooked the belts; thank God it wasn't jammed. Wetried to open the driver's door but the door was jammed. We tried to break the glass too, it refused to break. We managed to spot one of the windows at the back; we broke it and climbed out through it, under one of the chairs. We went far away from the car to ensure our safety because the car was already in flames.
"The two of us were the only occupants of the car and my brother was sitting beside me in front. We were so shocked that we both came out unscathed. We watched the car go up in flames while otherdrivers initially drove past us. It was about a few minutes before 6am; so it was still a bit dark. By the time people began to stop, everything had burnt beyond recognition. To our surprise, the early morning rain which we thought could help save the car also stopped immediately the car was completely gutted by the fire. Sympathizers didn't even know we owned the car.
"They all ran past us to see the burning car. They were wondering if people were still there and all that. By the time my parents and elder brother were aware of the incident, they all cried, but I think it was for joy. Initially, when my dad was aware of it, he wasn't happy thatwe were coming to pick them. We had intended to give them a surprise lift from the airport. But, when we took our dad to the scene of the accident, he couldn't talk anymore. He was in tears. Thecar wasn't the reason he cried. I guess he was just surprised and was grateful to God as to how we manage to come out unscathed and how the bible was not touched by fire.
"I am sure God really loves us. We had just finished a youth vigil a night before the incident and prayed against destiny wasters. Shortly after we left the scene, we went to Garki General Hospital for necessary tests including x-rays. Nothing happened to us. We were given paracetamol and pain relievers, which to my knowledge none of us has been taking because nothing happened to us."
According to Jeremiah, the Bible was later recovered from the ashesof the burnt car while it was not scathed by the inferno.
He disclosed that many people had been coming to Christ Victory Life Church in the city to see the Bible and use it to pray over their problems.
[Source:National Mirror]

Husband poisoned his barren wife in Ondo state

Husband Poisoned His Barren Wife In Ondo State; Bricklayer ArrestedBy Police For Killing 1st Wife
Ondo state police officials havearrestedone Damilare Olotu, a bricklayer by profession who allegedlykilledhiswifethrough foodpoisoning.
The 47-year-old Ondo indigene allegedlypoisonedhis 45-year-oldwifeidentified as Mary, a trader from Kwara state over her inability to conceive.
We learnt the suspect married a 2nd wife identified as Kemi who hails from Igbara Oke in Ondo state and she bore him 2 children.
The suspect who is from Akure used to live with the deceased in Ibuji, Ifedore LGA of Ondo.
It was alleged that the second wife reportedly insisted on packing into the suspect's house but the deceased resisted.
The junior brother to the deceased, Mr. Lawrence Omotosho, told newsmen that the suspect and the second wife connived to poison his sister.
According to him, the sister had told him that the suspect had threatened to kill her. Omotosho asked the police to investigate the matter thoroughly and bring the culprit to book.
Also the only child of the deceased from her former marriage, Shola Olatunji who is an undergraduate in Kogi State said the family of her late mother warned her not to re-marry but she refused.
Contacted, the police image maker, Wole Ogodo, said investigation into Mary's death was on-going, noting that the case has been transferred from Igbara Oke to the headquarters in Akure for further investigation.
The corpse of the deceased woman has been transferred to a local mortuary for autopsy.

Darlene Flynn, world's largest shoe collector beaten to death by boyfriend

Darlene Flynn, a world-record collector who lived in a Menifee home packed with more than 15,000 shoes and shoe-themed items, once said she would be surrounded by shoes when she dies, according to The Press-Enterprise.
That prediction came true on Monday, July 22, but in a way she likelynever imagined. She was beaten with a baseball bat at her Stone Lane home and found dead in her backyard pool.
Her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Justin Charles Smith, was charged Thursday with murder in Flynn's death. Smith is alleged to have used a baseball bat as the weapon, court records show.
Smith was scheduled for arraignment Thursday afternoon but did not enter a plea. He sat in the jury box in a Riverside courtroom wearing orange jail clothes and shackles, his head bowed, looking older than his 29 years, as a crowd of journalists trained their cameras on him.
His arraignment is now set for Aug. 8 and he is being held with bail set at $1 million.
After the hearing was over, he looked into the audience and appeared to blink back tears.
He mouthed the words, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry."
A group of people who appeared to be Smith's friends or family attended the hearing.
Flynn, 58, was in the Guinness Book of World Records for her collection and had been the subject of newspaper articles and television shows about collectors. Her trove of shoes filled every room of her home. There was a bird house made out of a boot hanging from the eaves, and decorative shoes in her yard and filling her garage.
"I am very crazy obsessed with shoes," Flynn had said on a show about collectors on the cable television channel TLC. "I'll be surrounded by shoes when I die."
Smith had appeared with her on the show. Shirtless and wearing an apron, he prepared Flynn a shoe-shaped breakfast in bed and talkedabout the frustrations of life with a collector.
About 2 p.m. Monday, deputies went to Flynn's home in the 28800 block of Stone Lane, near Menifee Road and Highway 74 in the Romoland area, where there had been a report of a man and woman yelling, Riverside County sheriff's officials said.
Deputies saw a shirtless man running away from the property and found Flynn dead in her backyard pool. It was unclear how long she had been dead.
Smith was arrested later that day.
A friend, Lenore Rice, said Smith's and Flynn's relationship had been "volatile" and that they were no longer in a relationship. Neighbors reported hearing frequent arguments coming from Flynn's home.
Court records show Smith sold one of Flynn's cars last year without her permission. He pleaded guilty in September to misdemeanor theft and was sentenced to 180 days in jail and probation.
In a small claims court filing, Flynn alleged that Smith owed her more than $9,700, including $3,000 for the sale of her car.
Rice, 71, of Menifee, said Flynn told her that Smith was living with her again because he was doing work around her house to pay back what he owed.
Rice said Flynn, in a recent conversation, described Smith as having changed for the better.
"She said, 'He's a whole different person. But that doesn't mean I'm going back with him.'"
[Sources: Press Enterprise, Daily Mail]

Mercy Aigbe and Dayo Amusa show off mums

Nollywood actressMercy Aigbetook to her Twitter page on Saturday to reveal the beautiful face of the special woman in her life, hermother.
"My sweet mother! Abiamo tooto, Iya ni ya mi! Love her loads!!!!!!" – she said in a tweet

Karen Igho releases new pictures

Chika Ike officially divorced

Two months after filing for divorce, a high court in Abuja on Friday July 26th granted it to actress Chika Ike. She's officially a single woman now.
Chika married Tony Eberiri in 2006 but the marriage packed up a few years later.

Wizkid throws drink at a man inside a bar in London

According to a tweet by US rapper Wale, Wizkid threw his drink ona dude who was acting up inside a London bar on Saturday night. Real wild!
Wizkid and Wale are currently in London collaborating on new music.

Eva Alordiah set to drop new single tomorrow

Hmmm,I'm a big fan of this gurl...
Sexy Nigerian rapper Eva Alordiah is set to release a new single titled Lights out tomorrow, the 29th of July 2013. The song is produced by Gray Jon'z.
Hear what Eva said about her upcoming music.
"If you have been listening to me for a long time, you'd hopefully notice the difference in my sound and my approach to music. I am absolutely loving every new thing about my art and i do sincerely hope you do too when the music comes out- which would be non-stop after the release of #LightsOut. I can officially tell you right now that i do believe my management is set for a Monday release..hopefully awon boyz don't 'LEAK" it before Monday. Hehe"

I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven- Desmond tutu

Despite his retirement, South Africa's iconic archbishop Desmond Tutu has lent his voice in support of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. Speaking at the United Nations' launch of its gay-rights program in Cape Town this Friday, he said:
"I would not worship a God who is homophobic and that is how deeply I feel about this. I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven. No, I would say sorry, I mean I would much rather go to the other place. I am as passionate about this campaign as I ever was about apartheid. For me, it is at the same level."

Nicki Minaj takes restraining order against Dj Khaled

Uh-oh, I bet Dj khaled did not see this one coming
Oops, it seems Nicki Minaj does not see DJ Khaled as her Prince Charming. The star rapper has taken out a restraining order on 'The We Best' rapper after his public proposal via a video that went viral on the media.
It is gathered that this is not his first time of proposing to Nicki andhe has been sending her flowers in the past, as well as random packages, and constantly shows up to her concerts all across the country, according to the report.
Nicki Minaj took the restraining order in New York City and now DJ Khaled's 10-carat diamond ring worth $500,000 is going to go to waste. Maybe Nicki Minaj still likes dancing to Single Ladies.

Why Tonto Dikeh and Mercy Johnson are at war

For some time now, there's been quite some controversy between popular Nollywood actresses Tonto Dikeh and Mercy Johnson. Our sources have been able to gather why both of them are at war.
We hear that Mercy's marriage, pregnancy and birth of her daughter which kept her off the movie screens for sometime was a real harvest season for Tonto Dikeh who became the top choice of movie producers.
And now that Mercy Johnson has returned to the screens, Tonto is not so happy with the development and so took to Twitter to throw jabs at Mercy Johnson and her hubby since she's been relegated to the background….. A move that got her some good tongue lashing by other notable celebrities.
Our source say Tonto has never liked Mercy Johnson whom she has always seen as an arch rival.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Michael Jackson Accuser I Can Help Victims Of Child Sex Abuse

Wade Robson -- the choreographer who claims Michael Jackson molested him -- is launching his own foundation to help child sex abusevictims through new age healing ... TMZ has learned. Robson founded a non-profit organization called "Hearts in Our Hands" on July 1 -- registering a domain name and a Facebook page. A rep for Robson tells us all the required legal docs haven't been filed yet -- but the group will be dedicated to preventing abuse ... and will take a holistic approach to treating victims. Translation: a whole lotta meditation and yoga. A source close to Wade says the choreographer's gotten deep into yoga himself lately -- and now wants to quit professional dancingforever. As TMZ previously reported ... Wade is suing MJ's Estate, claiming he was sexually molested by Jackson from the age of 7 to 14. The Jackson Estate and several family members have dismissed Wade's claims as little more than a money grab.

UNN student found dead in a hotel

Few days ago, the dead body ofFlorence Ugwu a student of UNN(University of Nigeria,Nsukka) was discovered at a high-class hotel in Lagos state.
In a similar case to that of Cynthia Osokogu who died tragically at a hotel in Festac town Lagos , Florence a 300 level female Undergraduate studentof UNN was discovered when a cleaner tried to tidy the hotel room.
According to sources, she lodged into the hotel with an unknown manthe night before her death .
The mystery surrounding her death is yet to be unraveled as police investigation continues.

OkikiJesu Olawuyi, Nigerian Baby Girl Born Without A Skull Gets New Head In The US; Parents Seek Donations

With much expectation, the world is waiting to see OkikiJesu Olawuyigrab a fitting place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Many across the world want to see this happen. And what that means is that a Nigerian child is well on her way to making history once she scales the mountain of surgeries standing in her path of life.
OkikiJesu Olawuyi was born without a skull but not without a will to live. Bones from her hands are being obtained to construct a skull bone to help her live. Amazingly, she is winning this battle for her life at John Hopkins University in far away United States of America. There, the best hands the world can assemble are with her every passing hour fighting a medical war to give life to a miracle child who has announced to the entire human community that she has something different to offer. First grade surgeons – irrespective ofcolour, race and tongue are tasking their expertise to see that this wonder of the 21st century lives to tell her story and reports say that they are doing a great job to save her.
OkikiJesu is getting moral and material support from across the world to help her live. An avalanche of support is coming her way. Her parents are carrying the burden of pain and anguish with stoic patience. They are fighting to remedy a medical case they cannot tell how it all started. The child needs a lot more financial assistance to pull through, her father, Mr. Caleb Olawuyi, says. He disclosed that she needed an additional $500,000 to undergo the final operation that would enable her live a normal life. Experts say that is possible and they can achieve that. While appealing for generous support from government, corporate organizations and private individuals to help the baby live, Mr. Olawuyi, has equally urged government to set up funds to assist babies afflicted with critical ailments. Speaking straight from the heart, he noted that one needed to be close to a child in pains to know how it feels.
Since news of the child's medical condition was disclosed, the world has been aghast. She was born on May 11, 2010 with a rare birth deformity which means over 50 per cent of her skull doesn't exist. The world has not seen anything of this stuff. In recorded history, Sunday Sun gathered that this medical condition has never been reported anywhere. The child's condition is one that appears to haveturned medicine on its head, having thrown up tremendous professional challenge to the human race. Now, the very best the world has known are fighting a crunchy battle to overcome this, leaving many – particularly those with hearts of stone- wondering if there is nothing they can offer to help.
Now from the home sector, help is coming for three-year-old Okiki and her parents. Since the condition of the baby became public knowledge, a non profit organization had stepped in to assist. Global Initiative for Peace, Love and Care (GIPLC) has been doing all it can togive life to the child whose medical condition is not traceable to her parents. With the assistance of the organization's Coordinator and Project Manager, Mr. Nuhu Kwajafa, the child and her parents were on May 4, 2013, flown to the United States. There, she is currentlyundergoing skull reconstruction surgery at the John Hopkins University Medical Centre.
Now, the child's and her father's cry for help comes ringing through the airways asking Nigerians to help her live. Here is a child the world is interested in. The non-profit organization is doing its best at that level to help her survive. Sunday Sun gathered that while the world was a short while away from screaming uhuru at the wonderful breakthrough, an unforeseen complication arose after over 14 hours of surgery. This followed inconsistencies in her medical history.Besides, her case marked a maiden attempt in paediatric neurosurgery. This, therefore, led to a further accumulation of medical bills totaling over US$500,000. This bill is spiraling every passing day OkikiJesu and her parents spend at the Johns Hopkins facility.
Specialists in the USA have identified the rare birth deformity which OkikiJesu is suffering, as Congenital Cranial Deficiency. Before now, she had been to several hospitals but not cured, but luck flashed on her pathway when GIPLC, which is based in Abuja took up her case. Sunday Sun learnt that since then, the organization has recorded significant success in efforts to get medical care for her. Within justa week, it raised about $234,000, an equivalent of N37 million through kind gestures from individuals and groups for her treatment at John Hopkins Hospital.
Kwajafa , just back from the United States, told Sunday Sun that "prior to the complications which arose, what made a determination of the full cost of Okiki's surgery difficult is that in modern times, it is an extremely rare (perhaps singular) medical condition with no precedence to draw estimates from.
"This latter fact also means that it is equally difficult to tell what other medical complications may arise. An example are fluids that were retained in her cranial cavity which have posed an unforeseen challenge and may have led to a fatal infection."
Kwajafa's worry is that, "OkikiJesu may not be released from hospital until all outstanding bills have been paid. We and her parents are desirous of her condition being fully remedied before she leaves the hospital." Against this backdrop, he said "We would like to appealto the global public to support our cause in ensuring that OkikiJesu Olawuyi lives."
Medical analysts believe she will be a living testimony if she recovers. According to GIPLC, her case remains the only one of its kind in the world.
When OkikiJesu's father, Mr. Olawuyi spoke to Sunday Sun on telephone from John Hopkins Hospital, he expressed optimism that the girl was doing well and had remained in stable condition. He said "We thank God that she is responding positively to every operation performed on her. The doctors attending to her are also pleased with her present condition. They said she is a miracle child,because she is so far the only child in the world with this kind of health condition.
"They told us that there is no case of her type in medical history at their disposal the world over. There are three renowned doctors attending to OkikiJesu and the experience is so great.
"They keep assuring us that everything will be fine soon. We are alsohoping positively and asking God to deliver our child."
In a voice laden with emotion, he appealed to Nigerians to assist the child to live through their generous donations, pointing out that with money available, the baby was sure to survive.
"But our greatest challenge here is the cost of her treatment in the hospital. It's indeed a very tough experience for us as parents.
The medical bill keeps increasing daily and has since been piling up. The treatment has over-shot the initial bill that was given to us before we came, because her condition exceeded their estimation.
The major issue is the hospital bill and not really our up-keep, that is, myself, my wife and our 15-month old baby, (Okiki's younger sister). She is currently at the intensive care unit (ICU). This costs between $6,000 and $10,000 daily. Sometimes, two nurses are stationed to take care of her daily and it costs a lot of money.
"The good thing is that they are not taking any chance. They are all over her all the time. They are monitoring her regularly especially as she is an international patient. The bill is growing higher," he lamented.
Okiki's father further stated that for "every parent of a child with this critical health challenge, one only manages to sleep and to wake up hoping that the next day would be different. We have gone through this trauma all this while. Though, we have faith in God but every passing day, we are afraid for her life. Here in the hospital, as critical as her condition is , we are living and sharing her pains more so that the bills pile up every moment.
" We appeal to Nigerians not to give up on Okiki. With their support, God will not disappoint us because she keeps improving daily. All the operations have been very critical. They took bones from her hand and leg to construct her skull. And she is doing fine.
"We appreciate efforts by all Nigerians including individuals, groups and corporate organizations. Everybody has been very supportive. We thank the Nigerian government, the National Assembly, and particularly the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Honourable Aminu Tambuwal and other kind-hearted people and members of our family for their support.
"On behalf of our daughter Okiki, and other children and parents in this condition, we urge government to institute a Special Trust Fund to take care of such rare and critical cases in the country. This fund should be adequately funded to cater for such critical needs.
"For us, Okiki's parents, we are in this condition but hope that one day God will deliver us.
"In this situation, we repeat our appeal for quick intervention from the government and other Nigerians. Our wish here is that others should be spared this experience. We plead further with government to establish a fund to cater for such children in this condition."
Your donations go directly to Okiki's account with John Hopkins Medical International.
For more info call GIPLC on 08089693240, 08163183797, 08085101664
[Report from DENNIS MERNYI, AbujaSunday Sun]

Siobhan Riley: ABC12 News Reporter Draws male organ on live TV

It's not her fault she is just doing her job.
Above is the live sketch made by a female news reporter with ABC 12 News in Michigan earlier this week.
Siobhan Riley, a US-based news reporter with ABC News didn't notice what she drew on the screen until after the bulletin ended.
Riley was doing this to illustrate traffic hold-ups caused by building construction works in the US.
A news viewer who noticed what Riley put on the screen quickly uploaded it to YouTube with over 300,000 views within 24 hours.
What was she thinking?

Super Eagles player Elderson Echiejile releases new pictures

25 year old Nigerian international defender Elderson Echiejile, who plays for S.C Braga of Portugal, has released some cool new photos of himself.