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Michael Jackson killed himself- Concert promoter's lawyer denies wrongful death

Michael Jackson was responsible for his own death, Maryin
Putnam, a lawyer for AEG Live said.
Putnam remarked in a closing arguments of the wrongful death
lawsuit brought by relatives of the late King of Pop.
Jackson's family blame the concert promoter for his June 2009
death on the eve of his sold-out comeback tour, claiming the
company hired Jackson's doctor and pressured him to bend medical
rules in order to ensure the tour would go ahead.
But in his closing arguments, Putnam denied that the company had
hired Dr. Conrad Murray, pointing out that he had been treating
Jackson and his family for years before the tour.
The News Agency of Nigeria reports that Murray was found guilty
of providing the insomniac Jackson with the surgical anesthetic
Propofil as a sleeping aid, which a coroner found had caused
Jackson's death.
"The evidence is very clear that Michael Jackson was the one who
hired Dr. Murray.
"Jackson was responsible for his own health, certainly his own
healthcare, and he's responsible for his own choices, no matter
how bad those choices turn out to be.
"The truth here is a tragedy … It's a tragedy for this family, a
tragedy for his mother, a tragedy for his kids. It's horrible and it's
incredibly sad. But it's not a tragedy of AEG Live's making," Putnam
The lawyer insisted that Jackson never told AEG Live about his
reliance on the dangerous medication.
"AEG would have never agreed to finance this tour if they knew
Mr. Jackson was playing Russian roulette in his bedroom every
night," Putnam told jurors.
During the five-month trial, AEG Live argued that it was Jackson
who hired Murray.
Murray is due to be released next month after serving two years in
prison following his conviction for the involuntary manslaughter of
the late pop star.

Source: News agency of Nigeria

Annie macaulay shows off baby bump

2face still definitely is the man!

Annie macaulay is 2face's wife and is rumored to be in her second trimester already. When she gives birth, the baby will be baby No.7 for 2baba but who cares? Congrats to the lovely couple!

Khloe kardashian drops Odom from twitter name

Awww, I really like this couple...*sobs

Khloe kardashian-odom drops odom from surname on twitter yesterday.

Khloe -29 went by khloe kardashian odom on twitter but with her 4 year marriage to lamar odom under pressure, she changed her display name to just khloe yesterday - her wedding anniversary

Their relationship has been under a lot of pressure recently amid rumours that the basketball player cheated on her with several women and suggestions that he is a regular cocaine user.

Earlier this week, khloe kardashian ditched her married name from her instagram account where she has been posting inspirational messages such as , "She smiles to mask the pain in the
heart, she laughs to conceal the tears in her eyes," and
"Sometimes you just got to be your own little hero and save your
own little heart".

Khloe recently kicked Lamar out of their marital home is reported
to have given Lamar an ultimatum, stating that he either shows her
a commitment to sort out his life or prepare himself for divorce.
The deadline for her ultimatum was allegedly yesterday.

A source said: "Khloe is giving Lamar until their four-year wedding
anniversary to show some sign he still wants to be in their
marriage. If not she's filing for divorce."

Whatever You do, do it well

I'm not a motivational speaker but something said I should just write a piece on this (I'm not that spiritual as well).

There is this saying ' whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well'. I remember when I was in secondary school and I was in the library that day going through the Guinness World records of that year and something caught my attention. Something about a man being the world's most clapper ( I can't remember the exact words now) but the man was awarded the person that claps most in the world!


Somebody noticed him because he sits in the front row at shows and claps a lot!

Clapping? I know it sounds unthinkable and I'm sure he was just doing his thing without knowing anybody was paying attention to him.

Now, we all should strive hard to put our best foot forward in whatever we do. What I realized is that most people do things to get approval from a higher authority (boss, parents..) And when those people are not there, they revert to doing bad things, but I don't think it should be like that, you should do things not because people will complement you and call you a good person, but you should do it because you really want to...

I know this will touch that one person's heart it is meant for...

Have a good day everyone!

Weed is so much better than cocaine- Miley Cyrus

Hmmm, I dunno sha but biko what is the difference?

Miley cyrus talked about her drug use "weed is so much better than cocaine"

She told Rolling Stone magazine " One time I smoked a joint with
peyote in it, and I saw a wolf howling at the moon.
"Hollywood is a coke town, but weed is so much better. And Molly
[MDMA], too.
Cyrus describes them as "Those are happy drugs - social drugs.
They make you want to be with friends. You're out in the open.
You're not in a bathroom."
Twenty year old Miley Cyrus isn't a fan of the class-A drug -
which she described as "so gross" - because it feels too dated.
She adds: "I really don't like coke. It's so gross and so dark.
"It's like, what are you, from the '90s? Ew."
Miley describes the reasoning and message behind her latest video
'Wrecking Ball'. While people might "hate it" at first, she expects it
to become as iconic as Sinead O'Connor's 'Nothing Compares 2 U', in
which the singer - then bald - sings and cries at the camera.
In Cyrus's words: "I think people are going to hate it; they're going
to see my ass and be like, 'Oh my God, I can't believe she did that'.
"And then when we get to the bridge, they're gonna have a little
tear and be like, 'F**k you!' I think it will be one of those iconic
videos, too. I think it's something that people are not gonna forget.

She really isn't hannah montana again

OJ Simpson gets in trouble for stealing from prison's cookie jar

OJ simpson is in trouble (thank God it's not so serious) for stealing from the prison's cookie jar . According to the national enquirer, Simpson is a cookie thief and he was caught red handed by the prison guards. The former football star is currently serving a 33-year sentence for armed robbery at the lovelock correctional centre in Nevada.

He was caught recently as the guards noticed the athlete looking a bit lumpy underneath his prison clothes. He also seemed to have something to hide.
That something turned out to be about a dozen oatmeal biscuits.

The insider revealed, "O.J. has been trying to diet since the
doctors talked to him, but he loves sweets, and after a few
weeks he couldn't take it anymore."
The whole incident went down with a few laughs, though.

"Everyone thought he had smuggled in a cell phone or some other
kind of contraband, so when the guard started pulling cookies out
of O.J.'s shirt, the other inmates started laughing so hard they
nearly fell over," the source explained. "O.J. just stood there with
a goofy grin on his face as the guard kept digging inside his shirt
and throwing the cookies on the floor."
Luckily for the former NFL player, the guards took a softer
approach to the infraction.
The source said, "The guard told O.J. that he could be written up
for cookies, but let him go with a warning not to let it happen
Simpson kept in shape even after he retired, but his weight has
crept up on him in prison. He's reportedly up to 300 pounds and
is suffering from high blood pressure in addition to his diabetes

It seems that the fallen sports star finds "the only enjoyment he
has left in his life is eating his favorite foods."
The source concluded, "To tell the truth, he really doesn't care
what happens to him anymore."
The armed robbery charge is only one of his legal troubles. In
1995, he was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown
Simpson and her alleged boyfriend Ron Goldman. He began his
current sentence in 2008.

Richest Rappers In The World 2013

CASH really rules everything...

Below, you will find a full list of the 25 richest rappers in the world today.

The Richest Rappers In The World 2013:

1. Diddy – Net Worth: $580 million (up $80 million)
2. Jay-Z – Net Worth: $500 million (up $25 million)
3. Dr. Dre – Net Worth: $360 million (up $100 million)
4. Master P – Net Worth: $350 million (no change)
5. 50 Cent – Net Worth: $260 million (up $10 million)
6. Birdman – Net Worth: $150 million (up $35 million)
7. Eminem – Net Worth: $140 million (up $20 million)
8. Snoop Dogg – Net Worth: $130 million (up $10 million)
9. Ice Cube – Net Worth: $120 million (up $20 million)
10. Lil Wayne – Net Worth: $110 million (up $15 million)
11. Kanye West – Net Worth: $100 million (up $10 million)
12. LL Cool J – Net Worth: $85 million (up $5 million)
13. Timbaland – Net Worth: $80 million (up $5 million)
14. Pharrell Williams – Net Worth: $80 million (up $2.5 million)
15. Akon – Net Worth: $80 million (up $2.5 million)
16. Beastie Boys - $75 million each (no change)
17. Ludacris – Net Worth: $75 million (up $5 million)
18. Busta Rhymes – Net Worth: $65 million (up $5 million)
19. Nelly – Net Worth: $60 million (no change)
20. T.I. – Net Worth: $40 million (up $10 million)
21. Big Boi – Net Worth: $40 million (no change)
22. T-Pain – Net Worth: $35 million (up $5 million)
23. Ice-T – Net Worth: $35 million (up $5 million)
24. Drake – Net Worth: $30 million (up $5 million)
25. Rick Ross – Net Worth: $28 million (up $3 million)
26. Nicki Minaj – Net Worth $25 million (up $5 million)

Question of the day

If your teenage daughter came to you and told you she was pregnant, how would you react?


I am really sorry for leaving without any reason, I seriously have no excuse. I probably got frustrated with the asuu strike... I'm so angry with the federal government but what can I do?... Hmmm, God will give us true independence someday... I believe in a better Nigeria! So 'loba is back!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

He chuckled "hard as it may to be believe...yes. I do have a heart. Oh ,I meant... I did have a heart"

"So what happened to you?" I asked him.

He snorted "I've blocked out some memories so I can't really tell you".

"But you just said you had your fair share of love and heartache. Surely you must remember some things".

"If you lose, don't lose the lesson". He murmured. "I may have chosen to forget the incidences that tore me apart, but I don't forget the lessons they taught me. So though I may not tell you what happened to me exactly, I can still give you advice".

"Okay knock yourself out big brother". I said sarcastically.

"Hey, I have known you since you were a kid. We grew up together. We may not be related by blood, but guess what, I'm the only brother you've ever known".

"Yeah and Geena was the only sister I ever knew and look what she did to me..." I said glumly.

"At least we've never been best friends when we were growing up. You used to hate me".

"What makes you think I still don't hate you?" . I raised a brow at him.

"Fair enough" he said coolly. "At least you don't expect me to be nice. If I say that hurt your feelings, remember that I've always been like that".

"You're the first one that taught me how to be immune. To tune it all out".

"Yes. But you are not a very good student, are you?" He asked.

"Why do you say that?"

"Because that's what you should be doing now. Tuning out. I don't think you know how to do that".

I sighed. " There are times that I thought I can. But then again, it gets so hard. It was painful." Tears started rolling down my cheeks. " It's still painful".

"I know" he said. "Don't think that it will go away soon. Physically, it hurts, like your chest aches. You know that's why they call it a heart break. Because you feel like your heart is breaking. It's not just an emotional pain, it's a physical pain too. And you have to face it, Ash. There is no running away from it".

"I know. But it's difficult not to remember. You know,I didn't only lose a boyfriend or a fiancé for that. I also lost a best friend. Geena has been there most of my childhood . She was a sister. And I can't get over the fact that the two people I loved and trusted most will do this to me".

"Geena has always been liberated. You know that. You were the only person in the world who trusted her too much. When we were growing up, I thought she was a spoilt brat. But you worshipped the land she walked on. She made out with one of the guys you dated in high school, one hour after you broke up with him

Monday, August 12, 2013

In 1912, eighth grade (jss2) students were examined on reading, arithmetic, grammar, geography, physiology (*faints*, I just started that), civil government and history.

100 years later, eighth graders are examined on...twerking?

An eighth grade 'common exam' from 1912 was recently donated to the bulitt county history museum in kentucky also available in full on their website. And it's hard... The site also explains that, "it should not be used to compare students knowledge then and now".

A museum volunteer David Lee Strange told ABC news "for us, this is just fascinating, it puts us in the mindset of 1912" . The site explains that students came together every year to take this test once or twice and it was a big deal with scholarships for high school given out to students who excelled.


Those are the questions above.

Source: E!

Man arraigned in lagos over attempted murder of sister

43-year-old security man, Matthew Erazele, was
yesterday arraigned before an Ikeja Magistrate Court, over
attempted murder, of his sister, Esther Erazele.
Erazele, who was docked before Magistrate Margaret Dan-
Oni, is facing a count charge of attempted murder preferred
against him by the police.
It was said that the defendant had accused Esther, who
resides in the same house with him, of bewitching him
whenever he planned to get married.
It was said that he used to see her in his dream, whenever he
is with a woman that he wanted to get married to and she used
to prevent him from getting married, which prompted him to hit
her with a hammer on the head and also twisted her neck.
The police prosecutor, Inspector Edet Okoi, told the court that
the defendant committed the alleged crime on August 3, 2013,
at about 8 pm, at 29, Ifekoya Street in Agege area of Lagos
He said that the defendant, while inside the room with his
sister used hammer to hit her head severally.
Okoi said the defendant also twisted the victim's neck, in order
to strangle her.
However, when the charges were read to the defendant, he
pleaded not guilty.
Magistrate Dan-Oni granted him bail in the sum of N200,000
with two responsible sureties, who are gainfully employed,
resident in Lagos State. One of the sureties must be a clergy
man while one must reside in his property and show evidence
of tax payment and address verified.
She adjourned the case to October 2, 2013, for mention and
ordered that the defendant be remanded in Kirikiri prison,
pending when he is able to perfect his bail conditions.

Read more: Vanguard Newspapers

Justin Bieber Gets Naked For Grandma

Wayyy back in October 2012, JB outdid himself by celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving at his Grandma's house with a striptease!
The Bieby Biebs showed off his all grown up, tatted up bod when hegot nekkid, with only a guitar covering his famous junk, for an impromptu XXX-rated Canadian Thanksgiving serenade.

The acclaimedsinger-songwriter spat out some heartfelt words like:

"I Loooove you grandmaaaa … how are youuuu … helloooo grandma."

How giving of him! LOLz!
Fortunately, G got the joke and laughed along with the rest of the family, but we're sure she was just thankfulshe didn't see his giblets! HA!

Woman With 22 Personalities: she's a mother, a brothel madam and a millionaire.

Unpredictable: Dawn Taylor and her two children
When Dawn Taylor walks down the street hand in hand with
her two young sons, she looks like any other devoted mum.
But Dawn, 31, is not like other mothers. She has multiple
personalities – an astonishing 22 of them.
Each personality has its own voice, traits and mannerisms.
They can come and go up to 10 times a day, changing without
warning in a split second.
They include brothel keeper Madam Taylor, five-year-old
schoolgirl Daisy, PC World worker Mary, 60, and aggressive
teenager Lashes.
There are also a millionaire, Scottish sandwich shop owner,
Cornish farm girl, German speaker and a gangsta rapper.
It is Tiger-Lou, a woman about Dawn's age, who greets us for
our interview. But within 30 minutes Dawn is back.
"I feel like I spend half my life drunk," says Dawn, who cannot
recall what happens when another personality takes over.
"At the time I think I am in control. To me, I am just me, whether
that's Daisy, Mary or even Madam Taylor. But when I wake up
and can't remember a thing the terror sets in."
Dawn, who lives with long-term partner Dean, 36, and their ­
children Connor, 10, and seven-year-old Troy, was diagnosed
with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) – also known as
Multiple Personality Disorder – in June.
It followed years of erratic behaviour, which started with
depression after Connor's birth.
Dawn once woke covered in blood with scissors in her hand.
She has tried to throttle a stranger and threatened to blow up
her friend's house. Supermarket visits are not easy.
Dawn, of Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, says: "I often throw food
off the shelves. I come round and have no idea why I've done it.
"It's like the other personalities are trying to get me into
trouble. Some of them hate Dean and make me say spiteful
things to him, even though I love him dearly.
"I found text messages to a friend in my sent-box, telling her I
was outside her house and that I was going to hurt her. I had to
call and apologise and tell her it was someone else. I felt awful.
"Other personalities even hate the real me. Once I woke up to
find a swear word cut on my thigh.
"The scissors were in my hand and there was blood
everywhere. I couldn't remember doing it.
"The only saving grace is that they all love my children. But that
doesn't stop me worrying about what one of them might do."
Anguished Dawn says: "I just want to be a normal mum."

The former model, who cannot work because of her condition,
adds: "Sometimes, simple things I do as Dawn are a major
problem for the other personalities."I used to cycle
everywhere but once I was riding through town with Troy in a
seat on the back. Connor was riding in front when suddenly I
switched into little Daisy, who can't cycle. I lost all ability to
ride, smashed into Connor and we all fell off. A few weeks ago
I came round and was hanging upside down from a tree in the
back garden.
"It sounds funny but it was terrifying. One of my child ­
personalities must have climbed up there but when I snapped
out of it I couldn't get down."
Dawn – who takes sedatives, mood stabilisers and anti-­
depressants Quetiapine, Carbamazepine and Paroxetine to
control her condition – is used to people laughing at her and
tries to be philosophical about it.
She says: "One of the teenage girl personalities does cheer-
leading. I have woken up in the town centre surrounded by
people clapping after I have done a routine. My sons think it's
funny so I try to laugh along but for me it's really embarrassing.
"The boys can take advantage, too. I have one personality they
call Rich Lady, who seems to think she has a huge fortune.
"When she comes out they make me buy them expensive toys
and sweets. When I snap back I realise what they've done.
"I woke up once in the living room surrounded by boxes of Lego,
computer games and consoles they had made her buy."
But life wasn't always like this. Dean, who met Dawn when she
was 18, recalls: "She was a beautiful model, full of fun and
"We were so in love.
"Then after Connor was born we were driving down the road
one day when she wound down the window and started
shouting abuse at someone walking by.
"It was out of character and I asked what she was doing. She
looked at me like I was mad. She couldn't remember a thing."
Doctors at first suspected Tourette's syndrome, but the fact
that Dawn couldn't remember her outbursts suggested
something more serious.
Her erratic behaviour began to take on a pattern.
Dean says: "The first personality to emerge was Lashes. One
day after an outburst, I called her Dawn and she told me that
wasn't her name.
"Gradually, Lashes came out as a very angry teenage girl who
didn't like me. I would get texts telling me I was useless.
"She told me she hated me and warned me not to come home
from work.
"More personalities started to appear. Sometimes Mary
arrives. She works in PC World and wakes up at 5am and tells
me she has to go do a stock-take. I try to convince her she
doesn't work there.
"When I ask how she is going to get to the shop, she doesn't
know where it is, becomes very confused and comes back to
"Other times she is Daisy, who sits on the floor and draws for
hours. There are other children and when Dawn is one of them,
her handwriting is like a child's.
"Another of the personalities speaks German – which Dawn
only learnt briefly at school.
"Then there is Madam Taylor, who owns a brothel. I tried to
explain to Madam Taylor that she is actually Dawn.
"Now I ignore her because the doctors think the more you ­
interact with the other personalities, the stronger they get.
Some are far stronger than others and emerge much more
"It was scary at first but gradually the personalities have
become part of my life. It's like living with 22 different people.
Some smoke and even like cigars even though Dawn has never
The illness has taken its toll on the couple's love life.
Dean says: "My mates joke that it must be amazing, getting to
go to bed with 22 different women.
"But what about when I go to bed with a brothel madam, then
part way through she switches to a five-year-old child? I'm
lost. I love Dawn but what we have isn't a relationship any
more, it's a way of life – survival.
"I could never leave her or my boys but this illness has taken
away the woman I fell in love with. People ask if I hope to get
her back. Of course I do. I have to, otherwise I would go mad."
Dawn has just one session with a consultant psychiatrist
every three months.
The drugs ease the problem but she has been told there is no
proven cure. NHS cuts mean the mental health clinic in Clacton
could be closed.

Dean says: "If that happens I don't know what we are going to
do. It took years just to get a proper diagnosis."
Analytical psychotherapist Remy Aquarone, who has treated
people with Dawn's condition for 25 years, said: "Less than
one per cent of the population suffers from DID but many are
misdiagnosed with depression or other conditions".
Mr Aquarone, former president of the European Society for ­
Trauma and Dissociation, said: "The most separate
personalities I have seen in one person is 12, so Dawn's case is
"She is in desperate need of regular and sustained ­
psychotherapy at least once a week. It is very difficult to get
this kind of help on the NHS."


A lovely 31-year old who is a loving mother to Troy and Connor.

This troubled teenager has a volatile temper and swears a lot.
She sends Dean scary texts trying to break off their

Related girls a similar age to Dawn and closest to her own
personality. Dawn's family are often the only ones who can tell
when she is in one of these characters.

A five-year-old girl who loves colouring and spends hours
using Troy and Connor's crayons. She is Troy's favourite
personality because she likes to play with the boys.

This six-year-old is obsessed with building Lego and
SpongeBob SquarePants – even though it's a family joke that
Dawn can't stand either.

A 60-year-old shop assistant who was made redundant from
her job at office suppliers Staples and now works at PC
World. She was devastated when she read in the local paper
that the local branch was closing down.

Young agricultural worker who claims she has a combine
harvester and talks to the children about farm animals.

An older woman who keeps a brothel. She drove past a derelict
building and said it would be the perfect place for her "girls" to
do their trade.

Millionaire who spends uncontrollably and showers her family
with gifts. She once spent the whole weekly budget on Lego
and games consoles for the boys.

She is a pyromaniac who has an obsession with red cigarette
lighters. Once she even set fire to real money in the wood
burner in the back garden.

A girl who calls everyone "Chaz" – including her children,
partner and friends – and has a strong London accent.

Scottish sandwich shop owner who wakes Dean in the middle
of the night to make deliveries and pick up ingredients.

A woman who switches to speaking her native language in
mid-conversation and gets frustrated when her family can't
understand her.

These include a gangsta rapper who talks in ghetto rhymes
and four children too shy to give their names. One likes to jump
in the paddling pool fully clothed. And there are three teens
who self-harm and send threatening texts to Dawn's friends.

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